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Snack lab:

"This is no drill !" The voice of the guard captain echoes through the newly completed military training compound on LV-426. Something has breached the outer perimeter and has laid waste to the automatic defense system. Technitians scramble frantically to contain the damage. Alarm sirens start to howl as violent pounding against the main gate announces big trouble. Guests have arrived.

made by Drex
Vehicle access Compound1
Compound2 Behind the floodlight
version: 1.0
map type: deathmatch
new textures: no
races: all
AvP2 version: any
number of player: 2-16
file type: dat (AvP2 map file)
download: (1,9 MB)

(1) Extract the zip file into your AvP2 directory: The zip file contains a subfolder structure that must be maintained.
For example, using Winzip do the following:

  1. click "extract"
  2. make sure the boxes "all files" and "use foldernames" are checked
  3. extract

The file "snack_lab.dat" should have been placed in the "dm" folder in your AVP2 directory (usually c:\programme\fox\aliens vs. predator 2) as follows (\maps\worlds\multi\dm):

(2) Start Alien versus Predator 2.

(3) In the launcher klick on "Options" and type in the following command line: -rez maps

(4) Check the box "always specify these command-line parameters" if desired.

launcher options
credits: The sky and some parts of the geometry have been taken from a sample map.
Thanks to the guys from Monolith for providing them.
Thanks to the community of PlanetAvP for answering my questions.
Thanks to Tim & Tom for testing and (moral) support.

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