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Toxic Feud:

Xenomorph alert in the geothermal power converter complex on a dark and hostile planet. For several hours the whole facilityís personnel is at war with the alien race, that keeps invading the complex through dug tunnels. All combat synthetics have been used up and thereís no trace of the heavily armed marine defense squad. Critical damage to the processors has destabilized the entire complex. Meltdown is imminent. The remaining engineering and security personnel is advised to evacuate with all haste. Due to violent acid storms the use of dropships is impossible. Retreat to the only APC on the lower levels and leave the infested facility to self destruction.

made by Drex
main corridor level 3 processing dome
opening quad gate corridor on level 1
version: 0.9.2002-12-13
map type: evac
new textures: no
races: marines/corporates vs. aliens
AvP2 version: (with exosuits and queen molding) or "Primal Hunt"
available exosuits: 2
number of player: 4-16
file type: dat (AvP2 map file)
download: (5,9 MB)
Klick here for a detailed description of machinery and installations

Toxic Feud is an evac map focused on tactical teamplay. Itís no rez nor mod and itís done for AvpII. Alien Lifecycle offers additional features. Class Weapon Sets should be off, as gaining supplies is an essential part of the map. Sorry for the preds out there, but this is a matter to be settled between humans and aliens only. Unlike most multiplayer maps Toxic Feud contains many switches and installations, which can be used by the players for interaction with the level. The usual goal in evacuation maps, which is quickly rushing from starting point to the evac zone, is complemented by a strategic aspect. Controlling areas, activating switches and destroying machines or doors offers additional means to gain the upper hand in this map. So each team must decide what to focus on when proceeding through the map. Marines going straight for the evac zone will neglect the protection of their vulnerable supply facilities. Aliens solely focused on protecting the evac zone, will soon face a well armed marine force, equipped with exo suits and gun turrets.

As I had not yet the chance to test this map in multiplay, there might be some major bugs. So please report any bugs or comments you have about this map to Consider this version an experimental one, that will be modified or polished based on community feedback. In particular balancing the map without extensive testing is very hard. Fortunately you can make a lot of adjustments to balance the gameplay yourself:

  • set an evac time limit for the marines,
  • allow 0, 1 or 2 exosuits,
  • adjust lives for evacs and attackers,
  • try Queen Molding and Alien Lifecycle.

To find your way down to the evac zone, I recommend to take a look at the detailed description of the map.


(1) Extract the zip file into your AvP2 directory: The zip file contains a subfolder structure that must be maintained.
For example, using Winzip do the following:

  1. click "extract"
  2. make sure the boxes "all files" and "use foldernames" are checked
  3. extract

The file "toxic_feud.dat" should have been placed in the "evac" folder in your AVP2 directory (usually c:\programme\fox\aliens vs. predator 2) as follows (\maps\worlds\multi\evac):

installation directory

(2) Start Alien versus Predator 2.

(3) In the launcher klick on "Options" and type in the following command line: -rez maps

(4) Check the box "always specify these command-line parameters" if desired.

launcher options

To test the map's features in single player deathmatch mode you can do this: copy the dat file into a "Dm" folder inside the "multi" folder, then start a lan session with "Toxic Feud " as deathmatch (dm) map.

credits: The sky and the surround map have been taken from a sample map and are only slightly modified.
Thanks to the guys from Monolith for providing them.
Thanks to the community of PlanetAvP for answering my questions.
Thanks to Tim & Tom for testing and (moral) support.

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