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Concept for a crazy 3D Shooter with Insectmonsters

Bugwars is a first-person 3D shooter for Single- and Multiplayer, that is beyond the bounds of the normal "Quake-like"-shooter, a combination of three genres: 3D shooter, real-time strategy, and role playing. Genetically-manipulated earth bugs defend against vicious alien bugs, who seek to invade mother earth. The players of Bugwars will experience innovations in view modes, movement types, weapons, and a unique atmosphere, which will be repulsive from time to time, but on the other hand will be seasoned with a lot of humor.

Illustrations by Ralf Nievelstein

The players start with various races. Each character is able to evolve and hone numerous skills and abilities to perfection. The path of evolution can be influenced by the player.

Evolutionsteps of the Player Characters and the races

My Jobs for Bugwars

  • Concept writing

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