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Game Park

3D Online Game Portal

In 2000 I started freelance work for Kirch New Media in a big team together with external companies. A very challenging and ambitious project was writing the concept for a Massive Multi User Online Game Portal, that was cancelled in 2001 because the company was wound up. My goal was to combine the functions of conventional community chat rooms, multiplayer launchers, and game selectors placed into an interactive 3d game-like environment. A credit system encouraged the users to play many games to achieve high rankings and to stay as long as possible in the game world.

The Game Park, an entertainment island with various attractions.
Klick the pictures to view them in full size.

These shots show two entrances to games.
Upon entering these locations the player will launch the game and be able to select various game types and multiplayer features.

The player controls a 3D model that allows basic interactions like jumping and running and all needed functions for chat and game selection. Travelling through the Game Park can be done in various ways: Signposted pathways with bridges connect the attractions. Taxis offer quick transportation over long distances. The players are encouraged to stray from the paths and to explore the island. Hidden secrets may be found and extra credits gained.

Several entrances and exits offer travel between the main islands and infoboards relay messages to fellow players.

My Jobs and Responsibilities for Kirch New Media

  • Concept writing of a persistent 3D-world for an online game portal
  • Consulting for the production of 3D Games
  • Concept writing for Shockwave games and accompanying consulting for their production
  • Game design of an online quiz for the german TV station Pro7

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