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The Real Neverending Story

3D Adventure

The Real Neverending Story was meant to become a milestone among 3D Adventure Games. Unfortunately, the management confused the title with the development process and so the project was never finished. The company known as Discreet Monsters and later on as 3DD went into bankruptcy in 2001 and the efforts of my colleagues and me went down the drain. Click the images to view them in full size.

Indoor Maps, containing organic structures and stone architecture

Lowpoly CSG-Facades for an Outdoor Map

All the excellent textures above are by Kevin 'Rorshach' Johnstone.

Outdoor Maps made with the company's proprietary editor.
The main work here was writing a game concept, consisting of various interwoven fetch-and-deliver quests, which connected the important locations on the map and made traveling through this outdoor maze an interesting adventure.

The map‘s layout is a hollow torus.
The tips of the tetrahedrons jut into the inside like grown crystal formations.

Combination of artificial galleries and natural rock formations

Throne room and ribbed vault. These are very early maps for TRNS.

My Jobs for TRNS:

  • Writing of level-specific gameplay concepts.
  • 3D leveldesign and mapping with Worldcraft, Radiant and 3DDs' proprietary indoor/outdoor editors.
  • Support and assistance for the story authors in order to make the story playable.
  • Testing and consulting for development of the 3D editors.

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