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4.2: Quad gate

level: 4
race(s): both

To reach the APC, the quad gate on level 4 must be opened

quad gate

Once the quad gate has opened, a red blinking emergency console is revealed in the marines' HQ on level 1. Installed to prevent excess xenomorph infestation, this shutter can close and seal the quad gate. When destroyed, the shutter closes the gate and cuts off the marines' main escape route once and for all. Evacuation will be harder. Killing all xenomorphs might then be the only way to win.

Shutter control in HQ
ALIENS Tear down the emergency shutter that is loacted in the HQ (once the quad gate is opened) to stop the marines from progressing. If you have a timelimit for evac, you might have won the match.


By using this switch the quad gate can be opened. The cage offers some protection against aliens.

Quadgate lock

After opening the gate, the telescope tube must be activated on the dome's other side. Caution: When activating the telescope tube, stay clear of the resulting blast as the cap must be detonated for further access.

telescope tube activator

When done, the marines may jump down into the waste and press the telescope tube hatch, which takes about 10 seconds to retract.

telescope tube hatch

Protect the emergency shutter in the HQ, once the gate is opened!

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