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3.2: Toxic waste processor

level: 3
race(s): both

It's in the marines' best interest to keep this facility intact. This machine is already heavily damaged and emits toxic fumes. The emergency control has kicked in and supports the machine with necessary energy, to maintain the process. The energy flow can be interrupted by destroying the conduit. Once destroyed, the whole level will be flooded with toxic, caustic gas. The emergency control boasts 7 such conduits that can be connected to the converter by the corresponding levers to reestablish normal atmosphere. If all conduits have been used up, the level remains flooded. In addition the machine is sensitive to explosives. Marines should avoid using explosive ammunition when firing at the machine's bulk. The internal spare conduits might be destroyed, causing gas leaks.

screenshot: processor bulk

The conduits can be destroyed by repeated clawing or pouncing. When the gas comes, keep at the ceiling and on the cables. Marines mostly use the lower parts of the tubes and suffer damage from concentrated toxic exposure.


Use the emergency control levers to reestablish a normal atmosphere, once the conduits have been damaged. Avoid using explosive ammunition near the bulk!


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